Any buildings dependent on elevators knows the importance of uninterrupted elevator service. Coastal Elevator Service offers many preventative maintenance packages designed to minimize down time and avoid costly repairs.

MaintenanceWe analyze each of our clients' individualized needs and develop a program designed to provide the most cost-effective protection for the specific elevator operation.

We have weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly scheduled Preventive Maintenance programs. We have Manufacturer & Union trained service technicians via continuous education programs.

We have 24 hour 7 day phone monitoring of your elevator cab phones if needed, we have rapid response to emergency call back service.

We have a full range of equipment service capabilities, proprietary and non-proprietary. we have a large supply of locally stored common replacement parts.

We have repair teams in support of our route mechanics, we have engineering support for custom designed solutions.

If reliable and smooth operating elevators are important for your facility and if your are looking for a service company that strives to exceed your expectations, call Coastal Elevator Service.